What’s all the hype about this new Livebox?

We asked a number of our present clients and personnel to share a few quotes or sayings about Livebox. Here’s what they had to say: Livebox is a highly scalable network that offers multiple streaming network of media. LiveBox using a host of facilities for various businesses & its compatibility with latest applications & hardwareaccessible worldwide makes it a boon to users to use it directly as they like in their companies.
Livebox is a revolutionary technology to broadcast live 4k or HD Video through its strong Cloud established Streaming Content Delivery Network. (Streaming -CDN) . It includes variety of plans to suit to everybody’s pocket.
The Live Box Streaming Server has shown its efficiency in providing top excellent broadcasting even at alarmingly low bandwidths using its extraordinary streaming software, invincible community infrastructure and its own built-in advanced Flash-Free Trans-coding player.

Joyful live transmission people! Constantly keep visiting http://ivb7.comand http://ivb7.com/blog and remain updated with the newest technologies associated with broadcast and live video broadcasting. Do you have an expression to share about the IVB7 Livebox or alternative goods ? E-mail us to enquiry@cdtech.in or telephone +91-9789-9789-81 to receive your voucher regarding IVB7 to be featured on our website .


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