Enhance your on-premise Surveillance and Security systems with the new Livebox Private Cloud

Get Livebox to solve your surveillance and in-house security issues. Send your live stream to your personal cloud to keep recorded live press on your cloud. Livebox works well with your existing equipments from known vendors such as panasonic, Hikvision, Dahua, CP Plus or some other manufacturer DVR, CCTV or IP cameras.
Watch out, be alert and do not rely on your on-premise Safety and Surveillance equipments
Technical support offered at +91-9789-9789-81
How can you protect yourself if your DVR and CCTV goes lost during an event of security breach within your assumptions?
Do not rely upon your in-house DVR and CCTV equipments
LIVE STREAM all of your info on cloud storage that is reliable. Liveboxfunctions nicely with Amazon AWS,Azure, Google Cloud or any other platform.
Do not rely on the local internet connection setup where settings change and technicians are hard to find to correct issues in your router / modem.
Access your IP Camera / CCTV / DVR surveillance systems connected to Livebox on the Livebox cloud. Supports Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or any other cloud support.
Call us for a professional safety consultation at +91-9789-9789-81. Are you relying on your IPCameras and in-house DVR for security? Relying on your own in-house IP Cameras and DVR is not a secure solution. Most episodes of theft as reported by recent information contains the theft of their Security Systems also as Secure your assumptions with Surveillance camera on your private cloud. Live stream it to fasten yourself.


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